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Michael Bom Frost

A new face stirring the pots and rocking the boat.

Nordic Food Lab increases the crew on the houseboat with Michael Bom Frøst as director.

Michael has a background as a sensory scientist, and has delved into gastronomic and culinary research[lw1]  with a scientific approach over the last 5 years at University of Copenhagen. In 2012 he will share his work load equally between Nordic Food Lab and the University, where he remains the Director of Studies for the MSc-education in Gastronomy and Health.

Both Lars and I look forward to increase the exploration of the culinary potential in the magnificent raw materials of Nordic origin together. We continue our endeavors with new techniques and[lw2]  flavors as well as reviving older and more traditional techniques.’ says Michael.

Nordic Food Lab aims at becoming a robust and ever increasing source of knowledge and inspiration to the curious chefs and gastronomers,[lw3]  ranging from professionals from all backgrounds as well as foodies and the general public. The appointment of Michael increases Nordic Food Lab’s ability to perform with scientific rigor and precision, adding to Lars’ immense creativity and his inquisitive mind. Michael’s background as a sensory scientist, adds to our tool box a range of methods to document sensory properties in the foods we investigate. We expect to increase our dissemination both through web-based media, lectures and events.

Great times and good food ahead!

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