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better than marmite

They say you either love it or you hate it, but in Denmark, neither is really an option, because it’s illegal here. ‘Why?’ You may ask, well, the government here doesn’t let any enriched/fortified  foods into the country and Marmite is full of added vitamins. Does the law make sense? Well, quite probably, it does mean that you have to have a good diet, and not just some iron in your cornflakes to stay healthy, and people (generally) do.

Anyway, Marmite and other yeast extracts are such a great source of umami taste that we couldnt resist making some ourselves. But we didnt want to copy the original, we wanted a luxury version, one plump and full of juicy flavours. This one in the photo is one of our more successful attempts, and were stil working on it.

This “marmite” is not the commercially available, super salty and fairly plain flavour, we have completely avoided any chemical addititves, by adding juniper ash and apple, wonderful. Juniper and apple umami. this isn’t only a great treat with toast or crumpets but a wonderful vegetarian stock base or an ingredient to adding unforeseeable depth to a myriad of dishes… wait till we’ve got the recipe properly tuned and we’ll share it with you all!

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