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kelp crisps

We were experimenting with bouillons from different seaweeds, reducing them, and then, epiphany. Why not dehydrate the bouillon?  We set it at 60 degrees overnight. The result was these amazing crisps (I suppose we will have to find more adequate nomenclature). They have a brilliant, meaty taste, but with green tones, and are a fantastic accent to a variety of foods, both meat and vegetable. The process only works with certain seaweeds- those with significant careegeanen (søl) or sugars (mannitol in sugar kelp) seem to have trouble drying out fully enough. Instead of beautiful “crisps” that melt in your mouth, they reduce to a rather sticky mess. We are looking into whether there is a way to adjust this.

For now we are just putting our real “sea salt” on just about everything we can.

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